The ONLY fully validated review service - providing the utmost credibility and influence.

Many business owners struggle with the cost of marketing in whatever form and assessing the return on investment. There is however, almost certainly one very precious marketing resource that you and your business have in abundance. I refer to the Goodwill that exists between you and your customers or clients. This is something you have undoubtedly worked hard for and in effect own. It is a resource that is free and waiting to be used. The best possible use to which your goodwill can be put from a marketing point of view, is to turn it into credible and influential reviews and case studies for your business. I'm proud to say that it is this very thought that brought Review Biz into being. You deserve the benefits that the gift of goodwill can bring you. Don't waste it.

Review Biz is not in any way a comparison type service and you don’t needs dozens of reviews to make it work, a handful of reviews with the occasional new one to keep things fresh is quite adequate. We seek to convey the values and ethos by which you and your business operate along with the fact that you are good at what you do. Review Biz should also be seen as a tool for very positive engagement with your clients or customers, which in itself is very powerful.

Our task it to help you gather your reviews, manage them in a way that gives them utmost credibility and influence whilst at the same time protecting you from unfair and malicious content. Thereafter we promote them for you on your own website and on social media keeping the focus on your brand and driving new traffic to your site.

Martin Firman (Founder)


Did you know?

  • 84% of individuals want to see reviews before they buy from or engage with your business
  • 65% of people will move on elsewhere if they cannot find them
  • 68% of people are willing to pay up to 15% more if they assured by reviews that they will have a good experience
  • Having provided you with a review, individuals are 20 times more likely to recommend you to others
  • 30% of consumers suspect the presence of censored and totally fake reviews


Independently validated reviews promoted on your website will:

  • Prevent malicious and unfair content
  • Works with both written video based reviews
  • Increase your sales and levels of engagement
  • Have your reviews promoted on social media
  • Enhance loyalty from your existing customers/clients
  • Create trust from your prospects point of view
  • Improve the online ranking of your website
  • Provides initial feedback that can be repurposed into powerful independently validated Case Studies

The Most Cost Effective Marketing You Will Ever Do

Do you operate as a Franchisor/Franchisee?

We offer a unique model specifically designed for use by any Franchise based business or organisation.

Our low cost review service allows you to promote and maintain the integrity of your overall brand and at the same time create that all important ‘local identity’ required by individual Franchisees.   
In order to build and sustain a strong Franchise Business your marketing will need to be aimed at two very specific and different audiences, firstly those who might have an interest in joining you as a Franchisee and those who might become their subsequent customers or clients.     Read more