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Self-Store and More provide various affordable and flexible self-storage options making them a one stop solution, whatever your needs. They operate out of a number of locations serving both the Domestic and Commercial Sectors offering both short and long-term storage with no minimum period involved. They are well known for their collection and delivery service.

The business had built up a significant amount of goodwill but didn’t have any reviews and were not sure how best to go about acquiring them and effectively promoting them on their website and elsewhere. Director Simon Berry –Jones says: “When I heard about the Review Biz Service, I decided this was the solution to my problem and so it has proved”

What did we actually do to help?

We quickly designed and produced a bespoke review widget for our client designed to be embedded onto their own website allowing both the promotion and submission of reviews on their behalf. Most importantly we thereafter managed all of their reviews by way of our unique validation and moderation procedures

In addition, we continue to provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the maximum benefits are derived.

Clients view on how things went:

Simon added “It was so easy and straight forward, a great solution to my problem and very cost effective, everything reflects our brand and is working for us 24/7. All of my questions were answered efficiently and to my total satisfaction. I enjoy the engagement it provides between ourselves and our clients along with the personal contact we have with Review Biz rather than dealing with a call centre somewhere”.

He further added: “Of course the credibility and influence that Review Biz represents is hugely important, I know there will be no nasty surprises coming up in terms of unfair or indeed malicious reviews which could be very damaging, especially to a family run business like ours. Our brand and integrity are protected which means everything”

If you would like to know more about how we could help your business, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01989 548088 or email us at [email protected]