Do you operate as a Franchisor/Franchisee?

In order to build and sustain a strong Franchise Business your marketing will need to be aimed at two very specific and different audiences, firstly those who might have an interest in joining you as a Franchisee and those who might become their subsequent customers or clients.  Effectively marketing at two different levels: 

The Review Biz service (the many benefits and unique features of which are shown on our home page) delivers the appropriate marketing messages and content at the required level:


This is achieved by the deployment of a bespoke review widget on the home page of the Franchisors website where reviews are displayed and submitted from your franchisees, these promote your general offering and if required a sample of reviews from end users of the product(s) or services that your franchisees deliver can also be included.


The reality is that customers and clients buy from and engage with their local franchisee and want to know about them as individuals before they do so. In effect individual franchisees need to build and maintain a local identity to be successful.  We also facilitate this requirement by the application an identical widget displaying and facilitating the submission of reviews from their own specific customers or clients. 

If you operate a business as a Franchisor or indeed as a Franchisee and would like to know more, please contact us for an informal discussion.