Individual franchise partners rely heavily on the awareness levels and equity that your brand possesses; after all their belief in your brand is why they became a partner in the first place. Nevertheless, their franchise businesses are in a competitive battle for sales in their local catchment area and often need to promote the brand and its offerings locally. In many sectors, end users want to know about the franchise holders as people before they commit.

Building a local profile as an individual under the umbrella of the corporate brand can be tricky. Promoting your own characteristics, approach and messages can be counter-productive as the main benefit of the franchise model lies in consistency of standards and the dependability of the proposition throughout the network; all supported and promoted by the overarching brand promise and messaging. For franchisees then, the ability to use end user feedback to attract and reassure prospects locally is invaluable. It promotes the individual provider and the corporate brand both at the same time.

With a ReviewBiz widget on the homepage of the franchise partner’s local online presence, our managed process makes it very simple to achieve this double-benefit.