Validation & Moderation

All of the content that is provided by your customers is subject to the ReviewBiz validation and moderation protocol. This is the cornerstone of our promise. When we say that our process has integrity built-in, it’s because it has been designed around three core principles that provide authenticity and guard against misuse.

A genuine submission from a validated source

It’s impossible to make an anonymous submission using ReviewBiz. We validate the source of every bit of content we deal with. All submissions made through the widget require a full name and email address to be provided before they can be submitted by the author. We then contact the provider using that email address. Only once they have confirmed they are the author and that it is a genuine submission will it be allowed to proceed. They will be contacted up to three times if they do not respond. If after three attempts are made we have not received a response, then the submission goes no further and will not be published.

If the feedback being provided is for a case study, then validating the source is inherent in the process, as it is gathered during a phone conversation between a member of the ReviweBiz team and the customer contact that you have provided.

The author stands by the content

Our process also requires the author to confirm that they stand by their submission. Providers of submissions using the widget are asked to confirm this in the email they receive automatically upon submission. Where the feedback is for a case study the provider will be sent the completed case study for review and asked to approve it. In both cases if the content has not been validated / approved by the provider through the follow up interactions, the submission will not be published.

A managed process providing the benefits of both automation and human judgement

The whole process from submission to publishing is managed for you by ReviewBiz. It involves a combination of automated processes that means the same rigor is always applied irrespective of volume and human involvement occurs where it adds value.

Our moderation protocol provides built-in protection against misuse. All submissions are scanned by our system and any containing negative inappropriate material, or rated at 3 stars and below, are diverted into moderation where they are reviewed by a member of our team. We will make you aware and have a conversation with you and we will contact the author. You are then involved in the decision about whether it is fair and should be published or not. For reasons you will appreciate, the final decision rests with us.