Integrity Built-In

The world of “reviewing” has lost its way. The big 3rd party reviewing brands have made it “all about them” and their services are being widely misused. The value and influence of review content is only as good as its authenticity and credibility, so your prospects now no longer know who they can trust, or what to believe. They’re trying to decide how suitable you are and it’s getting harder to make that decision with confidence. This means 3rd party review platforms and processes require scale, quantity and score averages to give your prospects some apparent way of judging if you’re the right people for the job. These providers are no longer helping; they’re making it worse for you and your customers.

We do it differently

Every item of customer feedback that is supplied through the ReviewBiz process is independently validated and moderated by us. That means our feedback is credible and completely trustworthy and so stands up in its own right, making it much more influential for your prospects. Our process also provides you protection from people with malicious intent, who would leave unfair reviews for their own gain or to punish you if perhaps you haven’t seen eye to eye.

Integrity built-in

Our approach has integrity built-in. It’s straightforward and highly effective. As all of the customer feedback that your prospects will find is authentic, the power and influence of each individual piece is much greater. Our customers find that their future is no longer dictated by a so-called average score; they no longer chase the highest quantity of reviews possible. Instead they enjoy richer, more personal and convincing feedback that tells prospects what they want to know after reading just a handful, or one or two of our case studies.