Obtaining Reviews


The evidence continues to reaffirm the very positive influence that reviews have on the decision making of your prospects, irrespective of the product or service you offer.

As a result we would encourage you to always consider your reviews as hugely valuable and as an integral and fundamental part of your marketing activity.

Remember that this is not about how many reviews you might have, although it’s always good to have a steady trickle of new reviews coming in. For most businesses one or two new reviews per month is perfectly adequate. Indeed if your products or services are supplied to a niche market a much lower rate of acquisition is of course perfectly acceptable.

In essence your historical reviews will always do you proud but do take the opportunity to freshen things up when you can pro-rata to the market you serve

In terms of asking a client or customer for a review consider using the term (feedback) – and where appropriate make the request before your work is complete and make the request - something along the lines of:-

 “Perhaps you could provide us with some feedback on how things have gone so far”

This is not something very many businesses do so this will set you apart and create a positive tone, in our experience this also increases the likelihood  of quick and positive response.

Often once your work is complete and you have perhaps sent an invoice your client or customer has ‘moved on’ which will sometimes reduce the level of response you receive.