The truth about reviews

Well What a surprise!

So, the truth about the world of reviews is beginning to emerge, what many of us have known for a considerable time has recently been exposed by the media. In essence, thousands of business owners have had the credibility of their hard-earned reviews undermined by the actions of a minority of others who simply seek to cheat their way to prominence.

The reality is that many of the prominent review platforms carry false and manipulated reviews, whilst shopping websites have been making payments and offering gifts and other incentives in return for reviews.

I recently purchased a product online, only to receive from one of the well-known review platforms’, the following request ‘If you care to give our client a 5-star review, we will place you in a prize draw’.

Recent studies show that unsurprisingly, people are becoming increasingly conscious of this issue to the extent that some 30% of people say they constantly suspect and actively look to identify censored or totally fake reviews. In other words, they approach reviews in general with a negative mind set which damages us all.

So, what does this mean for the majority whose reviews are genuine, well in essence it’s simply a matter of credibility, we need to take every possible step to ensure that our reviews are seen as genuine and therefore credible if they are to have the influence they deserve.

This is why when we launched Review Biz some 5 plus years ago, we decided that the only route to ensure utmost credibility was to independently validate each and every review. To date we remain the only review service in the world who do this.

Fake, censored and reviews that are effectively purchased by way of incentives is bad enough but there is an even more sinister phenomenon that is on the increase, I mean unfair and malicious reviews that can be so hurtful and damaging. We will look at this in more detail next time: