Validated Reviews


While the overall value of business reviews is widely accepted, it has to be acknowledge that if they are not correctly managed, as is the case with others providers, a business can through no fault of its own, find itself facing a damaging review that is completely unjustified and that is often difficult to correct.

The motives behind such reviews are numerous but this problem can be completely overcome if a strong   validation/moderation process is applied, as is the case with Review Biz. This ensures that the power and numerous benefits that your reviews represent will be maximised and all risks completely removed.

Now we all understand that historically we put testimonials/reviews on our websites  or promoted them in other ways, however the world has moved on  (as it always does) and sadly this simply does not works anymore.

However unjust it might be, viewers will undoubtedly question there authenticity, are they real? Are we just being shown the good ones? How old are these? Is this business still any good?

This is where the crucial issue of independence comes in, if you are able to show that your reviews are - Independently Validated and Managed they will acquire the maximum credibility and influence and therefore do your business proud.  In essence, such reviews are by far the best reviews available to you as a business owner.

Try and make requesting feedback/ review an integral  part of your marketing, remember you don’t need dozens but the odd new one is always good.