Validation and Moderation Protocol

Each individual reviewer is required to include a star rating as part of their review, once submitted the following applies:

When a review has been awarded either 5 or 4 stars and there is no inappropriate content (hundreds of words and phrases in our filters to cover this) it is still not be allowed to go live without passing our validation process.

We send an email (up to 3 times) to the reviewers email address requesting that they confirm that the review concerned is a genuine submission made by them etc, once confirmation is received by way of a link the review will then and only then go live in your widget, most recent at the top. The date of validation will also be shown

We then send an email to you outlining that a review has been received and its content, facilitating a response from you by way of our system or a more direct route or your choice.

If a review is rated at 3 stars or below and or indeed it includes any inappropriate content (negativity or abuse) the review comes direct to us for human intervention (moderation)

We study the review in detail and if it includes abuse, we would automatically remove it from the live side of our system but also make you aware.

In all other circumstances the moderation would again involve speaking directly with you to determine whether that particular review is fair and should go live or not. Review Biz will always have the final say in this regard.

The above ensures that your reviews will have the utmost level of credibility and influence whilst you are also protected from unfair and malicious content.