Review Biz makes it easy for you to collect and promote your reviews. It gives you:

  • A bespoke designed widget that sits on your website
  • Providing an easy way for your customers to submit reviews and give you a star rating
  • An easy way for you to reply to reviews and engage with your customers
  • The ability to promote your reviews to a wider audience with automated posts to the Review Biz Facebook page and automated tweets from @reviewbankapp, complete with a link to your website, every time someone posts a review.

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Review Biz and the Review Biz widget that sits on your website below. If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please get in touch.

Why are reviews so important

It’s simple. These days, the marketing blurb isn’t enough. As well as reading what a company says about their product or service, we also want to know what their customers say. Customer reviews tell the real story and bring a brand to life. That’s why, according to research:

  • 88% of consumers ‘sometimes or always’ consult reviews when making a purchase
  • 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews.

In short, reviews drive sales and increase customer engagement.

How does Review Biz 'unleash the power of my reviews' ?

We say that Review Biz unleashes the power of your reviews for lots of reasons. Here are some of them: 

  • When reviews are given via a third party like Review Biz they have much more credibility and influence.
  • Most customers will happily give a review when asked and with the simple Review Biz widget on your website you make it easy for them to give one.
  • Once someone has given a review they are much more likely to mention your business to others.
  • Asking for reviews can be difficult and time-consuming but Review Biz makes it easy.
  • Review Biz automatically posts new reviews to Facebook and Twitter, helping to increase the value of positive feedback and drive new visitors to your site.
  • Reviews are considered as ‘outstanding content by the Search Engines, hence your SEO will be greatly enhanced.

What results can I expect from having a Review Biz widget on my website?

We know from feedback that our customers find Review Biz makes an extraordinary difference.

On average, our customers report that they are receiving four times as many reviews as they did before. This gives them vital information they can use to boost their profile, enhance their reputation and motivate their teams.

We also know that website ‘dwell time’ increases as a result of having Review Biz on it. That means people are spending longer on your website and engaging with your company more fully both emotionally and practically.

Having a strong portfolio of reviews is useful in the long term too. It will boost the level of goodwill in your business, a vital component in the valuation if you’re thinking of selling it.

Why should I choose Review Biz rather than one of the other review gathering service out there?

We don’t believe there is a like for like comparison available, however unlike other options we are an Independent facilitator who by placing the widget on your site ensure that the focus is entirely where is should be, on you and your business. It’s about your brand not ours. 

If you choose a big name alternative their brand is likely to be bigger than yours. Your reviews will probably be featured on their website, not yours. Your customers will have to go to their website to leave a review and read those already there, not yours 

With Review Biz, the widget sits on your website and is branded to look like your business. It reinforces your credentials every time someone visits your website. It gives you a whole list of benefits and advantages well beyond anything offered elsewhere.

Irrespective of whether you are our only client or one of 10,000 you will always the benefits that our service provides.

And your data is completely safe because we will never pass it on to anyone else.

If you look at the huge benefits and take into account the price of our service, we genuinely believe Review Biz represents ‘The Most Cost Effective Marketing you will Ever Do’

How much does Review Biz cost?

Review Biz costs £22.50 + VAT per month. There is an initial payment of £67.50 + VAT to cover the first three months with a minimum 6 month term.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Simply head over to Get Started and complete your details.

Once that’s done, we’ll be in touch to start the process of designing the widget for your website. Your widget will be bespoke to you, matching the colours of your website and the space that’s available.

We will also ask you to provide a minimum of 3 maximum of 5 reviews so your widget will be populated when it goes live.

Your completed widget will be encompassed in a code that we will forward to you so that it can be embedded (simple process) onto your website by either yourself or by those who look after it for you. Once this is complete your ready to start enjoying the many benefits the Review Biz service has to offer!

How does someone submit a review?

It’s very easy! At the bottom of the Review Biz widget on your website there is a button that enables people to write a review of their own (average time involved 1.5 minutes). When someone clicks on the button the widget switches to a form where they can. So your widget it there for both your prospects to view and your existing customers/clients to use to submit a review for you. The reviewer will:

  • Write their review (encouraged to use a min of 50 characters)
  • Give your business a star rating of one to five
  • Give their full name and email address (we use these to validate their review, they are never used in the review that goes live).

When someone submits a review we will send an automated validation email to the email address they have provided. The email will include a link that will enable them to validate their review. Once this is complete will go live on the Review Biz widget on your website together with the reviewer’s initials. You will receive an email from us with details of the new review that has just gone live. Your reviewer will receive a ‘thank you’ email.

If you would like to thank your reviewer personally, you can reply via our system. Any reply you send via our system will also be visible on your Review Biz widget, helping to enhance your reputation for being customer friendly. Sometimes it might of courser be more appropriate to reply in person on the phone.

What about false, negative and inappropriate reviews?

We place great emphasis on effectively managing this potential (incredibly rare) possibility. You can be assured that we have very robust filters in place to ensure that overly negative and inappropriate content is subject to strict and fair moderation by ourselves. We will examine the content and discuss it directly with you to determine if it should go live or not.

Does the Review Biz widget work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?


Can I have video reviews?

Yes, we can also create and display Video Reviews in your widget alongside those in written form. For more information please contact us.