Why ReviewBiz

ReviewBiz puts the integrity and authenticity back into reviews and customer feedback. With trust at an all-time low, your prospects are crying out for an easier and more reliable way to choose the right person or business for the job. It should be enough to simply read the reviews your customers have provided, but the dominance of 3rd party review services has eroded the trust and reliability this method relies on. They have their own business agendas; they’re not really there to help you. The common misuse by reviewers and providers means your prospects have little they can use to help them confidently come to a decision.

Harness the goodwill that you have earned with your customers by encouraging them to provide rich, personal feedback though our managed process. All content is independently validated and moderated meaning your prospects will at last have the credible and influential reviews and case studies they need to make their decisions. And because it creates a positive opportunity to engage more deeply, or indeed re-engage, with your customers, you can build even more of that invaluable goodwill that your business relies on.

Protect & Grow your goodwill

You’ve worked hard to earn the goodwill in your customer relationships, and you deserve to benefit from it. You can’t convert it into your bank balance but you can use it to fund the future of your business, to safeguard its wellbeing and that of your employees. If you don’t harness the value of that goodwill in the right way, then at best it will fade away and at worst it might be wasted via 3rd party review services.


Integrity Built-In

The world of “reviewing” has lost its way. The big 3rd party reviewing brands have made it “all about them” and their services are being widely misused. The value and influence of review content is only as good as its authenticity and credibility, so your prospects now no longer know who they can trust, or what to believe. They’re trying to decide how suitable you are and it’s getting harder to make that decision with confidence. This means 3rd party review platforms and processes require scale, quantity and score averages to give your prospects some apparent way of judging if you’re the right people for the job. These providers are no longer helping; they’re making it worse for you and your customers.


The Perfect Engagement Opportunity

That goodwill that you earned by building and nurturing such warm relationships with your customers is the best way to keep those same relationships energised and flowing. Giving feedback is a natural part of how we communicate in lots of different walks of life. Isn’t it better to have a conversation with your customer about their experience than just leaving it to hope that they will express it spontaneously at some other time, in some other place? Don’t always wait until the job’s finished and the dust is settling on the project. Customers like to be asked how things are going. Asking for feedback is a great way to keep that relationship alive and make sure they know you care. If the job is already delivered, then take the opportunity to re-engage. Take the initiative, and you’ll remind them what a pleasure it was doing business with you. Our customers find that people who provide a review are then much more likely to promote them to others.