Franchise/Multi Users

ReviewBiz can help you harness the influential power of rich, personal feedback to attract potential franchise partners and at the same time help them build their profile locally. The same unique managed process helps both franchisors and franchisees provide credible, trustworthy review content to their different audiences. Brand owners can capitalise on the strength of the relationships they have already built and provide partners with the ability to do the same locally with their end users.



For any organisation that needs to recruit customers or members, the most influential voice for prospects is someone who has already bought-in. The higher the stakes, the greater the need to get that “insider” view. Attracting and convincing potential business partners to a franchise model is a communications task and the influence of feedback from existing franchisees can be pivotal.



Individual franchise partners rely heavily on the awareness levels and equity that your brand possesses; after all their belief in your brand is why they became a partner in the first place. Nevertheless, their franchise businesses are in a competitive battle for sales in their local catchment area and often need to promote the brand and its offerings locally. In many sectors, end users want to know about the franchise holders as people before they commit.