The Perfect Engagement Opportunity

That goodwill that you earned by building and nurturing such warm relationships with your customers is the best way to keep those same relationships energised and flowing. Giving feedback is a natural part of how we communicate in lots of different walks of life. Isn’t it better to have a conversation with your customer about their experience than just leaving it to hope that they will express it spontaneously at some other time, in some other place? Don’t always wait until the job’s finished and the dust is settling on the project. Customers like to be asked how things are going. Asking for feedback is a great way to keep that relationship alive and make sure they know you care. If the job is already delivered, then take the opportunity to re-engage. Take the initiative, and you’ll remind them what a pleasure it was doing business with you. Our customers find that people who provide a review are then much more likely to promote them to others.

Our process provides new touch points

ReviewBiz makes this very easy for both of you. You ask them for feedback, they provide it, you thank them. Everything else is handled by us. This means when your customers provide feedback through the ReviewBiz process, they are communicating with you directly. By using the online review submission service – the widget – then it happens in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of your website. If it’s a case study, then it’s an easy phone call with us, at their convenience, that you requested and they’re happy to take.

Even more goodwill

With ReviewBiz your customers are talking to you, where otherwise they would be talking about you. Your customer’s get more of the service and personal attention that they enjoy from you. You get richer, more personal feedback. Your prospects get greater confidence in choosing you. You get to keep customer relationships going or to rekindle them and that all-important goodwill just keeps growing.