Protect & Grow your goodwill

You’ve worked hard to earn the goodwill in your customer relationships, and you deserve to benefit from it. You can’t convert it into your bank balance but you can use it to fund the future of your business, to safeguard its wellbeing and that of your employees. If you don’t harness the value of that goodwill in the right way, then at best it will fade away and at worst it might be wasted via 3rd party review services.

Warmer, richer, more personal

Encourage your customers to express that goodwill as warm, personal feedback as part of the relationship, and don’t always wait until the job is finished. When people submit reviews and provide case study content using ReviewBiz, the content is warmer, richer and more personal than you get using other methods. And that’s important because your prospects find that so much more compelling.

More credible, trustworthy and influential

Your sales are impacted by the impression your prospects form about you. Don’t let anything get in the way. Make it easy for them. Give them a real word-of-mouth experience right there on your website. The ReviewBiz process helps you convert goodwill into feedback that’s more credible, trustworthy and influential than other methods. We’ll make sure you get all the benefit; helping you turn your hard work into sales.